Book Marketing Made Easy With Book Blaster: An AI Tool for Authors

Selling Books Is the Hardest Part of An Indie Authors Job

Writing and publishing your book has never been easier. With today’s technology, aspiring authors no longer have to vie for the limited attention of mainstream publishers. Advancements in technology have made it easier for writers to take their publishing journey into their own hands. As a self-published author, you have the power to get your book into the hands of readers everywhere almost instantly.
Still, many authors struggle with what to do with their book once it’s published. How exactly do you get people to buy your book?
Marketing can be difficult for the novice author, and P.R. agencies can be expensive. Promoting your book can mean hours of additional writing and learning a new set of skills. Navigating social media, dealing with the press, and establishing your online presence can be the most challenging part of being an author.
That’s where Book Blaster an A.I. marketing tool specifically made for authors.

What is Book Blaster?

Book Blaster is the world’s first A.I. marketing assistant designed specifically with authors and publishers in mind. It will help even the most unseasoned marketer create high-quality book marketing content in mere seconds and at a fraction of the usual cost of pricey marketing agencies. It automatically generates email copy, mockups, emails, and ads that you can use to sell more books to more people in less time.

It eliminates the tedious work that goes into the tricky task of promoting your book on your own. You can use these tools to help boost your marketing efforts, which will lead to more sales!

Without the help of a marketing team, creating content that translates to book sales can seem daunting. But you don’t have to do it alone. Book Blaster is a one-click marketing software that’s like having a marketing partner for your book. In fact, Book Blaster allows you to promote unlimited books.

How does book marketing work with Book Blaster?

Now, self-publishing authors can be their own advertising department! All you have to do is enter your book information into a form, and the Book Blaster A.I. takes it from there! The best copywriters have refined the algorithm behind Book Blaster with decades of experience. It will instantly generate an effective advertising campaign for your book that’s easy to edit and ready to go.

This A.I. tool takes the hard work of creating email copy, press releases, book descriptions, and landing pages and makes it as easy as one click.

3 Ways Book Blaster Can Help Indie Authors Sell More Books

If you choose to be an independent author, you probably know that writing a book is the easy part. While you are free from the constraints of relying on mainstream publishing houses, you are also responsible for all of your book promotion. Many successful indie authors share tips on building their author platforms, executing a marketing plan, and navigating their book launches. Some agencies will take on the responsibility of promoting your book for a hefty fee.
Let’s be honest; the prospect of getting your book out there on your own can be tedious or costly. Book Blaster A.I. offers an alternative that is not only easy to use but significantly cheaper than hiring an agency.
Here are just three tools Book Blaster has for streamlining your marketing to land your book in the right hands and drive your book sales up.

1 . Help Develop Your Author Platform

With the help of Book Blaster, indie authors can increase their chances of becoming bestselling authors on their own. A critical step in marketing your book is creating an author platform that encourages people to explore what you have to offer. Your book’s website should provide more than a sign-up box for visitors to enter their email addresses.

Book Blaster can help you develop a website with a winning book description and author bio. One of its tools includes an A.I. Landing Page Generator, which can help create an easy-to-edit website welcoming page that helps translate your visitors to customers.

With the A.I. Mock Up Generator, you can seamlessly create a professional-looking mockup of your book on your own. These photo-realistic images of your book are created seamlessly without you having to pay another graphic designer.

The A.I. Email Generator will help you create email content to keep your audience engaged. You’ll no longer have to agonize over how to use your mailing lists.  You can automate your email responses with clean, engaging copy that keeps your target audience engaged.

Book Blaster’s fleet of A.I. author tools makes establishing your online presence as an author easier 

2 . Get Your Book Out to the World: Social Media and The Press

Beyond your author’s website, there are many platforms for you to take your marketing efforts. Social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube channels, and Facebook allow you to take your book promotion to the next level. With tools like an A.I. Viral Campaign Generator, you can generate ready-to-use social media copy that can be used to run Facebook Ad campaigns or create a following on social platforms as an author. An engaging social media page can help you connect with book clubs and book influencers. While offering someone a free book wouldn’t hurt, having an attractive online presence will get you further.
Are you interested in pitching your book to book bloggers, magazines, podcasts, or influencers? Not sure how to approach the media on your own? With the A.I. Press Release Generator, you will have an easy-to-edit pitch crafted to your specific needs as an author. With this, you can increase the chances of getting featured in blog posts or a mainstream media book review.

3 . Create Marketing Workflows Quickly to Increase Book Sales

After you write a book, the work of selling your book doesn’t end when your book launches. As a published author the key to creating a consistent income stream from your work is to focus your marketing efforts on steadily increasing book sales. Book Blaster A.I. helps you consistently promote your book with the help of a series of automated workflows to help you sell your books. 

A workflow is a program’s actions to complete a task. Each step in a workflow is triggered by a specific step before and after it. With Book Blaster, you can automate your book marketing efforts with one click and watch your book promotion plan at work! 

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