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From dynamic landing pages to captivating trailers, Book Blaster is the definitive AI marketing tool for authors, publishers, and book sellers.

"I am a self published author and really enjoying Book Blaster! I love the efficiency and effectiveness..."
Sell More Books with A.I.

How Book Blaster Helps You Grow Faster

Upload your book details and let our AI take the lead. From crafting tailored landing pages to generating captivating trailers and enabling unique crowdfunding campaigns, Book Blaster offers a suite of features to amplify your book's reach.

1. Upload Your Book Data

Begin by uploading your book details in just a few clicks. We made it super easy for you.

2. Choose Your Tools

Navigate our suite of tools. With a few clicks, activate workflows tailored for your marketing needs.

3. Let AI Do the Magic

Witness the marvel of AI! It crafts landing pages, designs trailers, and more, spotlighting your book.

At the moment I’m preparing for my second book launch and this software has been so easy to use and I love what it wrote for me. Worth every penny.

Bach Ly

Key Features

Stop struggling with the mundane tasks of promoting your books.  With Book Blaster, all you have to do is answer a few questions and it will generate effective advertising materials for your book with generative A.I. that are easy to edit and ready to go.

Landing Page

A.I. no-code landing page builder for authors and publishers. Automatically generate a page for the book based on the keywords input.

Mock Up

Generate graphics for your campaign in a few clicks. Automatically generate mock-up images for your book.

Target Audience

Find hidden interests to target & Build hyper-focused audiences to make sure you are only reaching new readers.

Book Launch Plan

Get access to a bunch of pre-built launch plans customized for you with powerful A.I. Never have to worry about being unprepared for launch again.

Magic Script

Use our AI-powered script generator to create emails, ads, landing page copy, mockups, and everything you need to sell more books in a few clicks.


Ultimate tool to help authors and publishers create unlimited hashtags to increase visibility on social media.

Coming Soon
Book Store

Break through the noise by finding independent bookstores and then sending them a personalized email with book offer.

Ad Campaign

A.I. campaign manager to help you generate a sales-driving marketing strategy and automatically build your ads.


Launch your own book crowdfunding campaigns with Book Blaster!  Rally support and funds easily within our platform.

One-Click Landing Pages for Your Books

Transform your book's online presence instantly. Upload your book details and with just one click, our AI crafts a captivating, tailored landing page that resonates with your book's essence and captivates readers, setting you apart in the literary world.

Angela J. Ford

Angela J. Ford

I was skeptical but this is a great tool. The ad copy is excellent and gives me ideas for how to market my current work as well as brainstorm new ideas for upcoming books.
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Unbeatable Pricing

Book Blaster is the most efficient way to market your books for authors on the market. 

Authors save $3,400 on average by using Book Blaster compared to hiring freelancers or using separate tools.










Book Blaster is an automated marketing assistant designed specfically for authors and publishers powered by A.I.

As an author, marketing is one of your toughest jobs. But you don’t have to do it alone. Book Blaster is a one-click marketing software that’s like having a marketing partner for your book.

It automatically generates email copy, mockups, emails, and ads that you can use to sell more books to more people, in less time.

Book Blaster allows you to promote unlimited books. You are only limited by video render time and number of landing pages according to your account.

Yes! Your Book Blaster landing pages are completely functional and ready to use in your campaigns.

Sell More Books Guaranteed

We back every sale with a Sell More Books guarantee. If you follow our all of our training, recommendations and run a campaign using the Book Blaster and after running a paid ad campaign for 30 days and you see no increase in traffic, subscriptions, and sales, we will refund your purchase and pay you $500.

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